Along with some of my Twittering final year vet students, we are going to try a new addition to revision – the #vetfinals scheduled chat…..all welcome! Although we have called it #vetfinals much of the discussion will be relevant to other years, especially year 4!

We will kick off by roping in some guest experts, and I will Tweet dates and times. If it works, we will continue. If not then I’ll go back under my Twitter rock.

Anyway I thought we ought to have some “ground rules” so please feel free to comment on these and we can come up with something everyone is happy with

1. Remember your digital professionalism. Twitter is VERY open – so you must not mention specific cases, names or practices/vets you have worked with. Also be careful that you do not refer to a case in an identifiable fashion.

2. Remember that clients may view or join in with the discussion. We will need to manage this as it arises with polite replies that we are not giving specific case advice but they are welcome to view the chat.

3. For this very reason, be careful about “vet chat”. We may use humour/slang as a coping mechanism within our community, but people outside of veterinary circles may not view it this way.

4. Always use the #vetfinals tag in your posts. Save this search and watch this search during the chat so that you don’t have to mention people in Tweets and use up those precious characters!

5. The guest expert will Tweet under @vetfinalsguest – for the given timings only

6. I know its called #vetfinals but any year student is welcome, from any university, as are vets (and it would count as CPD!)

7. Do not let Twitter take over your life!


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